First Peoples debit and credit cards are now compatible with the most popular mobile wallets and pay apps! With a mobile wallet, you can leave your bulky, disorganized billfold or purse at home and make payments with your First Peoples cards on your smartphone! You can carry your credit and debit card information in a secure digital form on your mobile device, providing you a convenient way to pay for goods and services in person and online. In addition to your credit cards, it can also manage your loyalty club memberships and reward cards!

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Apple Wallet is 
pre-loaded on all 
iOS devices.

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What is a Mobile Wallet? Mobile wallets are essentially digital versions of traditional wallets that someone would carry in their pocket. While there are many variations, usually they can hold digital information about credit and debit cards for making payments, store coupons and loyalty programs, specific information about personal identity and more.

How does a mobile wallet work? When ready to make an in-store purchase, simply hold your smartphone over the payment terminal and follow the instructions on your phone. The app then utilizes information transfer technology such as Near-Field Communications (NFC) to interact with mobile wallet ready payment terminals. The payment will process to your selected default payment method. Want to use a different card or payment method? Before starting your payment transaction, open up your mobile wallet and select the payment method you wish to use.

  • Mobile wallets store your credit or debit card securely
  • They may also store your loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, etc.
  • They communicate with terminals using a variety of technologies