CAT InformationCall Access Teller

Manage your accounts using any touch-tone phone. Review account transactions, identify cleared checks, transfer funds between accounts, and MORE!
1-Open Share List**
2-Open Loan List**
3-Savings Balance
4-Checking Balance
5-(Other) Share Balances
6-Loan Balance
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1-Last Deposit
2-Last Direct Deposit
3-Share History
4-Loan History
5-Deposit History
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1-From Savings*
2-From Checking
3-From Share*
4-From Loan
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1-Share to Share*
2-Share to Loan*
3-Loan to Share
4-Savings to Checking*
5-Checking to Savings*
6-Savings to Loan
7-Checking to Loan
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1-Checking Balance
2-Check No. Inquiry
3-Checking History
4-Check Copy Request
5-Check Stop Payment
6-Check Reorders
7-Check No. Range
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Loan Info
1-Loan Balance
2-Loan Payment Info
3-Loan Payment History
4-Loan Payoff Amount
5-Mortgage Loan Inquiry
6-Make Mortgage Payment
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More Info
1-YTD Tax Info
2-To Change Preferences/Access Code
3-To Change or Access Another Account
4-Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card
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Important CAT Information

  • Have your account number ready.
  • When typing in dollar amounts, the last 2 digits are treated as cents.
    For example: To enter $10.00, press 1000#. To enter $50.65, press 5065#
  • Multiple transactions or inquiries can be done on the same call.
  • First-time users will be prompted to set an Access Code. Enter the primary account holders Social Security # when prompted. You will then confirm your new Access Code.
  • All CAT transactions appear on your monthly statement.
  • To end the call, press the * key.
  • Press 0 to speak to an operator.
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Standard Share IDs Certificate IDs Loan IDs
1-Regular Share (savings)
4-Money Market
5-Payroll Holiday Club
8-Vacation Club
9-Christmas Club
10 & up 141 & up

*May be subject to Reg D withdrawal restrictions. ** ID List and Balances.