ITM Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I begin using the ITM?
A. Simply touch the screen to start and an ITM Teller will guide you step-by-step through the transaction. For ATM Transactions, just insert your card.

Q. Can I still use ATM features without a live teller to assist me?
A. Yes, if you prefer to complete an ATM transaction without the help of an interactive teller, simply insert your card into the ITM and follow the steps you would take with a typical ATM machine. 

Q. Can I make large check and cash deposits using the ITM?
A. The ITM can deposit up to a combination of 50 bills or checks. 
For larger deposits, please see a FP representative.

Q. Will I be able to cash in my coins using the ITM?
A. ITMs are unable to accept coins. However, if you are a member, we do have a coin machine located in our lobby.

Q. Can an ITM dispense coins?
A. ITMs can dispense up to $0.99 in coins. No rolled coins can be dispensed or accepted through the ITM.

Q. How will ITM transactions appear on my monthly statement?
A. Transactions completed at an ITM will be noted as "ITM" in the transaction description. 

Q. Are transactions made at an ITM private? I don't want others seeing what I am doing.
A. Yes, ITM transactions are more private than traditional over-the-counter transactions by using chat or the phone handset.

Q. Are transactions made at an ITM safe and secure?
A. Absolutely! In fact, ITM transactions are safer and more secure than traditional transactions. They are more accurate because of increased automation and since the Teller is interacting with only one member at a time through a two-way screen, there are less distractions. This means our Tellers can provide you with more personalized and consistent member service. 

Q. What if I have more questions about ITMs?
A. Please contact our Member Connection Center at (301) 784-3000.