Auto Equity Loans

If you're a qualified homeowner, consider the advantage of an Auto Equity Loan!
This unique loan allows homeowners to acquire an auto loan or combine some or all of your debt, PLUS it may be tax deductible*.

An Auto Equity loan is as simple as an auto loan, but without the entire home equity loan process.  The auto is still used as collateral for the loan, however, the credit union will also file a lien on your primary residence which allows for a possible tax deduction.*  If you ever wish to sell your home, it is no problem.  The loan simply reverts to a conventional auto loan with no changes to the rate or balance.  We simply release the lien.

  • Monthly Payments = Tax Savings*
  • Flexible Terms for Comfortable Payments
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Fast approvals

First Peoples makes the application process easy. Click here to apply online.

*Consult with tax advisor to determine tax deduction eligibility.