AHTS Services

Allegheny Highlands Title & Settlements

Allegheny Highlands Title & Settlements, LLC (AHTS) is a subsidiary of First Peoples known as a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) and offers title insurance and real estate settlements to buyers and sellers. 

Licensed in Maryland, West Virginia and in the near future, Pennsylvania, AHTS offers various real estate title work, including but not limited to, title searches, title insurance, and insured closings for real estate loans. Our experienced settlement officers will work to ensure your closing is timely and hassle free.

What Is A Title & Settlement Company?

In short, a title and settlement company is a 3rd party organization that helps to ensure your real estate transaction is executed legally, on behalf of both the buyers and sellers. It's their job to uncover any liens or situations that would inhibit the rights of the seller to sell, and to file all the necessary paperwork to complete the sale legally. 

What Makes AHTS Special?

The biggest benefit to using AHTS when closing your loan, is that we work closely with the mortgage team at First Peoples every day. Our affiliation typically means that we have some extra flexibility in scheduling and an increase in communication that tends to speed up the process. 
The team at AHTS will ensure that your real estate transaction is completed in a timely manner with confidence, leaving you no worries except what paint color to pick at your new home!