Tips For Saving Time

Time is of the essence, we get it! Read on to learn about the convenience options available to you as a member of First Peoples Community FCU, and how you might be able to save some time when it comes to handling your financial business. In most circumstances, the majority of transactions can be performed without ever coming to a branch.

Location, Location, Location
Do you always visit the same drive-thru, but sometimes the line is too long? If you cannot complete your transaction by using one of our convenience services mentioned below, look into another nearby location! We recently opened a two lane drive-thru on Mechanic Street in Cumberland with one ITM and one ATM (that accepts deposits!) 

Check Your Lane
When you are waiting in line at the drive-thru, double check to be sure you need to use a tube lane. All branch locations with a drive-thru now have an ITM in place of where the drive-up ATM used to be. This means you can speak to a teller from the comfort of your vehicle! Just TAP TO TALK on the ITM screen and a teller will pop up within moments. 

Manage your credit union accounts anytime, from any tablet, smartphone or computer with our Online Banking, FP@Home®. Balance your checking account, identify checks cleared, transfer funds between accounts, review ATM transactions, and more - all at no cost to you! 

FP Mobile App
Just like Home Banking, but in the palm of your hand! A streamlined view of your account that packs a powerful punch. Transfer funds between accounts- or to other First Peoples members! Need to split the restaurant bill or pay for those fundraiser tickets? Transferring is easy, quick, and requires no contact. (We call that a win!) Discover additional functionality in app settings that allow you quick balance checks from your mobile home screen, fingerprint sign-in, and more!

Mobile Deposit
This functionality is a part of the FP Mobile App, but deserves its own category! How many times have you drove to the branch to deposit a check? Never again! Open your app, snap a photo of the front and back of your check, and voilà. 

If you need to quickly withdraw money or check a balance, an ATM is the answer to your conundrum! With a debit card and secure pin #, you are able to view basic account information and make withdraws. Additionally, three of our ATMs also accept deposits (cash and check!) Bonus: Did you know that our ITMs function as an ATM too? Video chat with a teller is an option, but the rest of the time they function just like any other ATM!

Perhaps our best kept secret here at First Peoples... Interactive Teller Machines! Now available at 16 locations within our charter area and allows a virtual face-to-face with an FP teller! Just like a lobby visit, you will speak to one of our tellers to guide you through a transaction. Deposit into the machine, receive withdrawals, and more! Just TAP TO TALK on the ITM screen, and a teller will be with you within moments.  The ITM is located in the drive-thru of all branches, in the location where the ATM previously was.

Did you know... Call Access Teller is an automated phone system that is available 24 hours a day that can answer many of your account related questions? Review balances, recent transactions, and even perform transfers! Click the heading above to visit the CAT web page for a full list of functionality and commands for navigating the system.