Tiered Rate Accounts

Tiered Rates

 If you are looking for a savings account type to let your money grow, a tiered rate savings account might be right for you! In general, tiered rate accounts pay different rates of interest depending on the amount of funds held in the account.

Money Market

A First Peoples Money Market Account gives you the freedom and flexibility you desire with the access you need. You earn higher dividends without tying up your funds for the long term, and the dividends compound daily. Our Money Market accounts are tiered, so as your balance increases, so will your annual percentage yield!

Thrift Savings

You've got a little extra money and you'd like to earn more interest, but you want easy access without penalties. We've got the solution! Open a Thrift Savings Account and you'll gain more interest and more flexibility.

The Thrift Savings Account offers you the convenience of a regular savings account while taking advantage of a higher interest rate that is tiered. The more you save, the higher the interest rate!
*A minimum deposit of $100 is required to open.
*You can withdraw once per calendar quarter without a fee.

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