Call Access Teller (CAT)

Online account management not your thing? No worries! You can manage your accounts using any touch-tone phone. Review account transactions, identify cleared checks, transfer funds between accounts and MORE! Available 24/7 and completely self-service! Click below to expand a guide of important codes needed to navigate the system. 

Important CAT Information

  • Have your account number ready
  • When typing in dollar amounts, the last 2 digits are treated as cents. For example: To enter $10.00, press 1000#. The enter $50.67, press 5067#.
  • Multiple transactions or inquiries can be done on the same call! No sweat if you need to check again, or have it repeated back to you. The robot doesn't mind one bit!
  • First-time users will be prompted to set an access code. To initiate this process, you will be asked to enter the primary account holders Social Security Number, then confirm a new access code to use in the future. 
  • All CAT transactions appear on your monthly statement. 
  • To end the call, press the * key.
  • Press 0 to speak to an operator.
  • Press # to get to the previous menu. 
1- Open Share List**
2- Open Loan List**
3- Savings Balance
4- Checking Balance
5- (Other) Share Balances
6- Loan Balance
#- Previous menu
1- Last Deposit
2- Last Direct Deposit
3- Share History
4- Loan History
5- Deposit History
#- Previous menu
1- From Savings*
2- From Checking
3- From Share*
4- From Loan
#- Previous menu
1- Share to Share*
2- Share to Loan*
3- Loan to Share
4- Savings to Checking*
5- Checking to Savings*
6- Savings to Loan
7- Checking to Loan
#- Previous menu
1- Checking Balance
2- Check Number Inquiry
3- Checking History
4- Check Copy Request
5- Check Stop Payment
6- Check Reorders
7- Check Number Range
#- Previous menu
1- Loan Balance
2- Loan Payment Info
3- Loan Payment History
4- Loan Payoff Amount
5- Mortgage Loan Inquiry
6- Make Mortgage Payment
#- Previous Menu
1- YTD Tax Info
2- To Change Preferences/Access Code
3- To change or Access Another Account
4- Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card
#- Previous menu

Account ID codes

Standard Share IDs

1- Regular Share (Savings)
2- Checking
4- Money Market
5- Payroll Holiday Club
6- Vacation Club
7- Christmas Club

Certificate IDs

10 & up

Loan Ids

141 & up, or 0001