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We've turned 'faster' into an art form.

'All done.' When your daily schedule is totally jammed, those can be some of the happiest words in the English language. And when it comes to managing your money, Online Banking can help you get it 'all done' in a hurry. Log on anytime, check up on your finances and then make all the right moves in a matter of minutes.
  • No monthly fee for convenient 24/7 Online Banking
  • Get up-to-the-minute account balances
  • Transfer funds between First Peoples accounts, or to other financial institutions from First Peoples
  • Review recent transactions
  • Use electronic Bill Pay to send funds anywhere in the U.S.
  • Make on-time loan payments
  • Access eStatements that give you a detailed overview of your finances
  • Sign up for email alerts that notify you of low balances and other important account activity
  • High-tech protection safeguards your privacy

If you’ve never used FP@Home® before, click on FP@Home® Online Banking located in the top right hand corner of our home page. Click on New User or Forgot password. Enter account number and last name. Get temporary verification code from your email and enter it. Set up new user ID and password. That’s it! Now you have access! (PLEASE NOTE: Your temporary verification code is valid for only 24 hours.)

If you are already an FP@Home® user, you will login just as you previously have. The one change is that each time you access FP@Home® from a new device, you will be required to confirm your identify through the use of an emailed security code. (This is why the valid email address is so important.) 

Helpful Tips!

Tip #1
Your password can only be 8 characters long. If your password is longer than 8 characters, only type in the first 8 characters in the new Home Banking system. Our old Home Banking system let you keep typing past the 8 character limit, but didn't recognize those extra characters. The new Home Banking system will recognize those characters and may give you a password failed error code.

Tip #2
In order to retrieve your password while staying in Home Banking, you will need to open a second tab or minimize your Home Banking screen to access your mail app on your phone or tablet. All devices are different, therefore we cannot give specific instructions. One consistent rule that spans devices, is that by clicking the "Back" button, you will have to start from the beginning. If you are having difficulty opening multiple tabs, we suggest using a separate device or computer to retrieve the passcode. You can then go back to Home Banking on the original device to input it. If you continue to have issues, please visit your nearest branch for one on one assistance.


Does FP@Home® cost anything?

No. Access is FREE for all of our members!

Why is FP@Home® prompting me to do a security email every time I log in?

This security procedure is prompted when our system detects that you are logging in from a new device. If you are logging in from the same device over and over again, and still having to complete the emailed security procedure, you may have just forgotten to click the "remember this device" button. Another culprit to repeated prompts is that you have your browser set to delete cookies upon exit. Our system is interpreting each new visit after a cookie is gone to be coming from a "new device."  If you are still have issues after checking these two possibilities, please contact us

Bill Payment

What is Bill Payment?
Bill Payment is a free service available to all members with a checking account. Once you set up your Payee(s), type in the date and amount of each bill you wish to pay; or set it up to pay a certain amount on a particular day of each month from your account automatically. We’ll send the payment for you! The best part is that you will have a saved record of the payment being sent. 


How do I access my eStatements?
At the top of the page there are headings. Go to Account Information and hover (don't click) over the heading. Click on eStatements.

Multi-Account Access

What is it? 
Multi-Account Access is the ability to view multiple accounts under one membership log-in.

How do I set this up?
Ok, let’s assume you have two memberships; “A” and “B”. In order for you to see B’s information while logged into A, B will have to grant access to A. So, while logged in as B, go to Settings (gear icon in the top right corner) and expand the Settings tab and click on Manage Access. Next, click on Add Access and initiate security code e-mail. After entering the security code, you will be prompted to enter information about A. That’s it! Your accounts are linked. Keep in mind you will need to repeat this process under Membership A in order to view both memberships in-turn. To view Membership B, while logged in as Membership A, look to the very top of the screen for a drop-down box beside your membership name.

Will this allow me to do Cross-Account Transfers?
Yes, as long as you have initiated the Multi-Account Access described above, you will be able to quickly and easily transfer funds to checking, savings, credit cards and loans.

Member to Member Transfers

Can I transfer funds to another membership if I’m not on the receiving account? 
You’re in luck! You can do this yourself now! To transfer to another Member, select Transfers from menu, and then select My Accounts. On the My Accounts page, select the 'Add Transfer' button. Select the Share to transfer from. In the Transfer To, select 'Other Member' in the drop down. Enter the other Member’s information then click submit. You will need to provide the other Member's account number, last name and share or loan ID to transfer to.

Can I make a recurring transfer to other members?
Yes! You can set up a recurring transfer to any other Member. Click on Transfers, then click on the Recurring tab. Enter the information then click submit. 

How do I link an account so that I can make transfer to another member without remembering their account number? 
There are two options. 1) You can make use of the Member to Member Transfers option. This option requires you to know the other member’s account number and share ID, but can be done quickly and on your own. 2) You can contact our Member Connection Center or any Branch to have your accounts linked. This option saves the other member’s account information in your drop-down boxes to make future transfers easy and will require permission from the other member for two-way transfers, and does not grant you access to see any of their account information. 

View Preferences

I can't see all of my accounts when I login. How do I get them to show on the main page?
This is a viewing preference setting. In the top right corner, you will see a gear icon. Click on the gear and then choose View Preferences. Select 'All' under Default Balances Grid. From now on when you log in, all of your accounts will be showing on the main page.


What are Account Alerts?
Account Alerts are designed to monitor your account and alert you whenever a transaction or action takes place. You can set up and receive alerts for the following topics, such as: Account Balance, Account Summary, Any Deposit, Debit Card Transaction, Check Cleared, Credit Cards, Electronic Deposit, General, Large Withdrawal, Loan Balance, Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), and Stop Payment Expiring.  

How do I set up Account Alerts?
To use Account Alerts, you must have a valid email address on file. To setup a new alert, click on the Alerts menu option, and then click the Add Alert button. You can select the type of alert from the drop-down list. You can setup as many alerts as you like.

What are Text Alerts?
The Text Alerts feature will allow you to request your balance, history, a transfer or lock/unlock your account right from your phone by texting the request to 90703.

How do I set up Text Alerts?
The Text Alerts feature can be turned on by navigating to Services>Text Alerts on the top menu bar. Follow the instructions to enroll, the commands and instructions will be texted to you. Commands include: 
  • FP BAL Sxxxx (or Lxxxx) - Returns the balance on your share or loan.
  • FP HIST Sxxxx (or Lxxxx) - Returns transaction history on your share or loan.
  • FP NEXT - Returns the next five transactions from history (when requesting FP HIST).
  • FP TRAN Sxxxx Lxxxx 1 - Transfers $1 from Sxxxx to Lxxxx.
  • FP LOCK - Locks your FP@Home® access.
  • FP UNLOCK - Unlocks your FP@Home® access.
  • FP HOURS - Returns branch Hours.
  • FP CONTACT - Returns Toll-free Phone Number for First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union.
  • FP HELP - Returns a list of available Mobile Text commands.
  • FP STOP - Deactivates your mobile device from your account.

Security Updates

Changing to a User ID
You can now assign yourself a User ID to use for login purposes rather than using your account number. While account numbers will still work for logging in, we recommend making the switch over to a User ID. To set up your User ID, click on Settings (gear icon in the top right corner), Contact Info, and then Change User ID. 

Welcome Message
For added security, you can set up a custom welcome message that will display on the FP@Home® log-on page. The welcome message will display each time you access FP@Home® from the same computer. This is to ensure that you are accessing the genuine First Peoples FP@Home® site. To set up your welcome message, logon to FP@Home®, click on Settings (gear icon in the top right corner), click Settings again, then Custom Welcome Message. You can enter a new message in the text box then click submit.

Account Verification
Account verification is a notification to confirm changes made within home banking. These notifications can now be done through the use of email and text messaging. 


What is eMailbox?

eMailbox is a secure email channel within FP@Home® that allows you to contact the Member Connection Center electronically. To send a message through the eMailbox, click on the eMailbox menu option, and click the Compose New Email button at the bottom of the Inbox, add a subject line and compose a message.

If you can't find an answer to your question about FP@Home®, please contact us.

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